Future Project Ideas

Please use the 'Contact' page or email us if you are interested in any of these.

  • Gauge Calibration Checker; checks that your temperature, fuel and voltage gauges are reading correctly.
  • Hood/Soft top side catches: original catch suffers from several problems: 1.Lack of adjustment range, often cannot be adjusted to align with striker 2. Fouling from nearby hoop: the hoop often hits the spring which can knock it out of place. 3. Unsecure: sometimes catch loses lock which allows the rear hoop to drop and jam The new catch design will eliminate all these defects.
  • Hood/Soft top rear catch; standard catch can jam in the mechanism preventing lowering and stowage of the hood; new improved catch striker is designed to eliminate jamming (in concept stage).
  • Hood/soft Top protector; helps prevent the cover getting caught in the side catches.