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Weber 38 Carburettor Kit


Here is a brand new Triumph Stag Weber carburettor upgrade which can transform the performance and reliability of your car.  This product is suitable for all Stags, 1970-78, with automatic or manual gearbox.  See our Weber Carburettor Conversion Video on YouTube.

The Weber kit comprises a brand new Weber 38DGMS carburettor, specially set up for the Triumph Stag by Webcon UK Ltd, plus the all-important Manifold Adapter, and all the hoses, gaskets, linkages, nuts and bolts etc necessary to fit the carburettor to the car.   The following optional air filters are available (all filters have hose adapters for connection to the cam cover breather):

Ramflo Air Cleaner; This adds a smart, compact chrome mesh filter which takes up less space in the engine bay (see picture)

CoolAir Filter; This is the ultimate, unique low-profile air filter for your stag engine; the intake of cooler air allows the engine to develop more power (colour and top nut may vary)

American Air Filter; A large 14x3 inch chrome filter brought back by popular demand.

Note: All our air filters normally fit under the bonnet, but engine heights vary, and some may require adjustment or relocation of underbonnet bar, if fitted.

​23/11/21 currently 2-3 weeks delivery

Price: £440.00

CoolAir filter


  NEW COLOUR: DOVE GREY (18/06/2010) 

​23/11/21 currently 2-3 weeks delivery


This new stagweber CoolAir filter system is designed especially for the Weber 38, and includes a readily available replaceable air filter element

Price: £99.00

Active Breather System


Please contact us first so we can advise if this ABS product is suitable for your requirements. 

This easy to install ABS Kit comprises an Oil Catch Tank, PCV valve & grommet, One Way Valve, and all the hoses and fittings needed to install an Active Breathing System for connection to the cam cover. .  Now upgraded to the improved Type 2 System which has an additional, passive vent path to deal with greater crankcase emission. 

The Weber option of this kit also requires a Manifold Adapter which has a vacuum port..  PLEASE NOTE:  If you already have the Weber kit that does not already have the vacuum port, please contact us to discuss and arrange for how this is to be carried out (for example, in UK we can modify yours for you by post).  If we dont hear from you, we will assume you are making and fitting your own vacuum port.  


Note: 'Holley' option: The 'Holley' carburettor already has a suitable vacuum port.


Q. Do I need the breather kit?  A. Probably not!   If your oil seals and gaskets are good, and your engine does not emit oil from the breather, you do not need this kit.

Please contact us for further information. 

​23/11/21 currently 2-3 weeks delivery


Price: £95.00

Weber 38 fitting kit


This kit contains the  same parts as the Weber 38 kit but excludes the Weber 38DGMS carburettor.  This can be useful for those that already have the carburettor, or those abroad that want to source one locally.  The parts include the all important base manifold adapter, plus throttle linkage, auto kickdown linkage, and all brackets, screws, nuts, fittings, hoses you are likely to need to fit the 38DGMS to the engine.

23/11/21 currently 2-3 weeks delivery

Price: £195.00
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