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Facebook has now become a great place for much discussion and information on our beloved Stags.  There is the Triumph Stag Fan Club which is great for general chat and info about the stag but for exclusive stagweber related talk we would love you to join us at our own private group stagweber support and discussion

Ten Years of Trading!

We are now in our tenth year of trading!  We started with the Weber 38DGMS product by publishing, in November 2009, details of the conversion in the SOC magazine. I hope we can continue to supply you special parts that make your car a joy to drive!

EFI Fuel Injection.

Our Stag fuel injection project is still in progress but was delayed somewhat by our recent move of premises.  The first phase called E-Speed uses the original Stromberg carburettors to convert to throttle bodies, simply by replacing the air valves with our unique injector adapters. Then all that is required to complete the conversion is to add an ECU/harness, sensors and to plumb in an HP fuel pump/regulator.    A setup like this has already been running on our own Stag, and inital results look very promising.

Header Tank with Relocated Alternator

Happy New Year! 

Header Tank Upgrades:  As some of you have relocated your alternators, a minor modification we made to reposition the tank lower hose connection will make our header tank compatible with more vehicles.   We hope you will also appreciate the new style neck which is precision machined from billet, and the excellent quality of the tig welding.

Blade Fuse Box Improvements

Today we have news on the Blade Fuse Box. Firstly all fuse holder terminal are now locked into place with a special tab to provide extra security. Secondly, we are trialling an alternative method of extending the single terminal for connection of two wires. Instead of a piggy back extender, we are using a wire link to an insulated extender. This feels more flexible and secure and so we expect to roll this out in the near future if the trial result is positive.

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