New Year

A happy new year to all stag owners and enthusiasts. 

The CAD systems are now well established in use, and I have drafted designs for several new parts for the stag.  One example is a part for the two chrome levers that hold down the soft top. These levers are now becoming difficult to obtain in good condition, and many have broken base plates.  Since the lever arm itself is usually good for further service, then a new replacement base plate is to be made and fitted. I hope to get these made soon so I can resolve the shortage.

CAD Systems

I have given myself a short break this month to indulge myself in polishing up my engineering skills and adding to the stagweber design capability.

News for Jan 2015

New Cubic Header Tank.

LED Lighting

Well, LED car lights have really come of age now, and we believe they can bring about real benefits when fitted to the Stag.  The Mk1 especially has poor lighting of the dash gauges and LEDs can improve this easily.

LEDs have become standard fitment on most modern cars.  Here are a few facts and FAQs about LEDs in relation to cars/Stags

1. They consume much less power than conventional filament lamps (Fls).

2. They dont burn out like FLs, and last almost forever.

3. They can emit much more light than an FL.

4. They generate less heat.

Stag Gauges - FAQ

A common question when running a stag relates to gauge readings. For example, 'my temperature gauge reads high but my car doesnt seem to be overheating'.  Another is 'my oil pressure reading on my gauge seems too low'.

In answer to many of these questions we would point out that  gauges of this period are crude devices whose accuracy cannot be relied upon unless they have recently been calibrated.  Before taking any action it is advisable to check the gauges by any suitable means, e.g substitution with a more accurate and reliable gauge or instrument.   


Welcome to our new blog page.  This where we will post current information about various topics, including;

  • New products
  • Future products
  • Special offers
  • Used parts for sale
  • Tech tips for stag owners
  • The stag community
  • Anything else stag related

We hope you find it interesting.


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