Engine Fan Cowl


Improve your cooling system with this Fan Cowl.

Unlike cars destined for the export market, unfortunately the UK Stag radiators were not fitted with engine fan cowls or shrouds.  This means that the engine fan only cools about 60% of the radiator.  Fitting of a fan cowl considerably improves cooling system performance because it ensures that cool air is drawn through all areas of the radiator.  See our Fan Cowl Video on YouTube.

Fortunately stag owners in the UK and elsewhere, who do not have a cowl can now purchase one here at stagweber and upgrade their cooling system.  The features of the cowl are summarised as follows: 

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Very easy DIY fit –  with instructions
  • Virtually no dismantling required
  • All parts are included in the kit
  • No modification of car is required
  • Improves cooling system effectiveness and efficiency
  • No maintenance required
  • Fits standard radiator

     Made in England 

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 Why do we need this product?

 In short, cooling system performance is critical to the Stag, and although most stags may not overheat on a normal day, it only takes a hot day and a traffic jam to send the temperature gauge towards the red.  Anything that increases the margin and effectiveness of the cooling system provides an additional assurance against overheating and subsequent engine damage. Fitting a stagweber cowl is a very simple and effective way of adding protection at the lowest cost. 

If you refer to the diagram here this shows in red the HOT UNCOOLED AREAS of Stag radiator without a fan cowl

The area overlaid with a green circle represents the fan area.   You will see that without the cowl there are large hot red areas of the radiator outside the fan which remain hot. The only area which is cooled, shown in green is within the circle of the fan and this is only 60% of the radiator.  This means that even if you have an up-rated radiator, your fan is only cooling 60% of it.  Without the fan cowl, air will be pulled in around the top and sides without passing through the radiator, so this is a waste of energy/fuel as well as a lack of cooling performance.

When you fit the stagweber cowl, the COOL air will then be drawn through 100% of the radiator because the cowl closes off all other routes.  This cools down the hot areas and hence cools  your engine. 





Q. Will it fit my particular car? 
A. This will fit on a standard Stag, which still retains the original style viscous coupled engine cooling fan. It should also fit an up-rated core radiator provided it uses the standard frame which has the four fixing holes provided for the cowl. 

Some non-original radiators, and aluminium radiators may or may not have the same fixings and profiles as standard but the shroud should still be adapted to fit.  The fan aperture position is the same as on the original cowl. Note: Stagweber may accept an order based on a sale or return provided this is arranged and agreed in advance and subject to terms.

Q. Will it work with my electric fan?     
A. Provided the viscous fan is still present the fan shroud should still fit and work with a front mounted electric fan fitted. However, the electric fan may become largely redundant.  

Q. What does the kit contain?
A. The cowl itself is supplied in two parts with a joining plate and screws. Clips and screws as required for assembly and fitting to a typical radiator are provided free of charge.

Q. How does it attach?
A. There are four unused fixing points on the radiator frame that were provided for this purpose, two at the top and two at the bottom.  These are then used to attach the fan cowl to the radiator. 

Q. Is it easy to fit?
A. Yes, all that it involves is fitting some clips onto the radiator, putting on the cowl, and fitting some screws. The air filter box cover may need to be lifted first to get the cowl into position. 

Q. How does it work?
A. The cowl closes off the gaps between the fan and radiator at the ends and corners. This means that the air shifted by the fan now comes through the whole radiator, even at the corners, and helps to keep your engine cool on a hot summer’s day.   

Q. Will my engine run too cool?
A. No, not if you have the correct thermostat fitted and working.

Q. How does this compare with other cooling devices?
A. The stagweber cowl is the most cost effective upgrade. Other measures used to improve cooling are fitting of a supplementary electric fan, and/or an up-rated radiator.  The benefits of the fan cowl are the ease of fitting, relatively low cost, high reliability and zero maintenance.  Electric fans are expensive, can be unreliable due to poor electrical installation, and without a proper cowl they still do not cool the entire radiator.  Up-rated radiators are much more expensive, and arguably some may not actually enhance cooling.  Radiators with thicker cores also reduce fan clearance, sometimes resulting in difficulty in replacing belts, and the possibility of the blades damaging the radiator.  

Q. Is it a copy of the original
A. No this is a unique stagweber design, ideal for the UK cars because the lower guard already fitted to UK Stags forms part of the system. However, the stagweber cowl should also fit export cars.

Q. So why was this not fitted to UK cars?
A. Like all car manufacturers, Triumph were trying to keep the manufacturing cost of cars down, and presumably decided that the UK climate and traffic conditions of the day did not warrant fitting of a cowl.  We will leave you to decide if that is the best decision for today. 

Q. Is it safe for my car?

A. Yes provided the fitting instructions are followed it is safe.  Particular attention must be paid to having adequate clearance between fan blades and the radiator, as well as the fan cowl when installed.


Price: £65.00