• Active Breather System


    This easy to install kit comprises an Oil Catch Tank, PCV valve, One Way Valve, and all the hoses and fittings needed to install an Active Breathing System for connection to the cam cover. .  Now upgraded to the improved Type 2 System which has an additional, passive vent path to deal with greater crankcase pressurisation.

    The Weber option of this kit also requires a Manifold Adapter which has a vacuum port..  PLEASE NOTE:  If you already have the Weber kit, but this does not already have the vacuum port, please contact us to discuss and arrange for how this is to be carried out (for example, in UK we can modify yours for you by post).  Note: Holley Carb: Not applicable to the 'Holley' carburettor since that already has a suitable vacuum port.


    1. Q. Do I need the breather kit?  A. Probably not!   If your oil seals and gaskets are good, and your engine does not emit oil from the breather, you do not need this kit.

    However, for engines that need it, this kit has been developed for use on the few cars that might gain some benefit from the addition of an Active or positive Breather System.   For example, where engines may emit some oil from the cam cover, and/or where there are minor oil leaks which occur without the Stromberg breather system, they may benefit from fitting an ABS kit.  Please note that this breather system may not have sufficient capacity for engines with a high volume of crankcase emissions.

    It is not necessary to purchase this kit prior to fitting the Weber carburettor conversion.  Please call us to discuss if you are unsure of the relevance of the ABS kit.

    2. Q. How does it work?  The cam cover breather outlet connects to an oil catch can to trap any oil.  A suitable vacuum connection is required (on the Weber it is under the carb).  This vacuum is regulated by a PCV valve fitted to the catch can, and this moderate vacuum helps to prevent oil leaking from bad seals). For wide open throttle conditons a one-way valve bypass allows any excess gas under pressure to release into the air filter and then be drawn into the engine. 

    3. Q. Is this suitable for cars with fuel injection? A. Yes, if your FI has a vacuum port, then select the Holley option.


    Price: £85.00