Weber 38 Carburettor Kit

Your Triumph Stag deserves the best. Why buy old 'reconditioned' Strombergs, that will require further fettling when you can have a new AND guaranteed Weber?

The well known Weber name is synonymous with performance engines, and was original fitment on many quality and throughbred marques including Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin.

Here is a brand new Triumph Stag Weber carburettor upgrade which can transform the performance and reliability of your car. You can read about the project development of this conversion in the Stag Owners Club Magazine, issue 334, Nov 2009.  The carburettors have been specially calibrated for the Triumph Stag by Webcon UK Ltd, who are the leading UK agent for carburettor systems and components.

Old Strombergs:  Tired old Stromberg carburettors are mostly over 45 years old, and even after reconditioning will often require expensive highly skilled fettling in order to try to eradicate remaining problems such as flooding, poor running and difficult hot starting.

Stromberg unreliability and poor running can ruin the enjoyment of driving a car which has such a delightful V8 engine. Constant maintenance is often needed on Strombergs to rectify problems with fuel leakage, dashpot oil leakage, flooding, poor economy, bad idling and difficult starting. When flooding occurs, bore wash can result which eventually causes glazing, leading to smoking and high oil consumption. Undertaking a full rebuild of the old carburettors is money wasted when problems remain unresolved or soon reappear, because suppliers are unable to fully test them after rebuild. 

Brand New Weber: When you replace troublesome Stromberg carburettors with this new Weber twin-choke carburettor you will notice an immediate improvement in engine response and reliability. Idling and fuel economy will be a revelation, and you will be able to use and enjoy your car without worry. No more tweaking, balancing, flooding or sticking air valves to worry about. There should be no concerns about lack of power or torque either. Independent rolling road test results show that over 145 BHP can be achieved on a standard engine fitted with this conversion and some have reported nearly 160BHP with a Weber. The torque figures are even more impressive, resulting in greater acceleration. (the twin-choke Weber 38DGMS was originally fitted on 3 litre engines which are capable of producing up to 180 BHP**).

The special Stag manifold adapter in this kit is a precision alloy casting which allows the intake to be manufactured with the optimum smooth but complex shape. This provides a very direct intake path with a more constant cross section which favours excellent gas flow, good fuel atomisation and promotes high torque right across the rev range.

The Weber 38DGMS design is simplicity itself. Two carburettors are effectively combined within a single body, utilising a single float chamber. The two venturis, each one feeding four cylinders are controlled by two geared throttle flaps which operate in unison, and cannot get out of step. 

An important feature of the kit is that our special manifold adapter compensates for the backward slope of the engine. This provides a level platform for the carburettor which helps the float chamber to work better, and allows the fitting of a wider range of air cleaners (filters) without fouling or modifying the bonnet. There is a choice of air filters with this kit as described below; click on the small pictures above right to see what is available.

The  Weber kit contains all parts needed: Suitable for Mk1, Mk2, manual and automatic gearbox, this Weber carburettor can be fitted without any permanent modification to your car, and the kit includes a new Weber 38DGMS carburettor plus special manifold adapter, throttle and auto gearbox linkages, cable mounting brackets, hoses, breather connections, all nuts and screws and all other parts required for the upgrade. Detailed installation instructions, with pictures and a parts list are also provided.  You can even retain and re-use your existing throttle and choke cables if in good order!   When you select your choice of air filter this will also be supplied with everything you need.

SIMPLE TO INSTALL!  there is no need to remove the inlet manifold; just take off the old carburettors and adapter, and bolt on the new ones.   Unlike the Strombergs, there is no need to worry about balancing; simply set up the idle and go!   

 **Source:  Burton Power, Tuning Guides, Essex 3-litre V6 Engine.

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So, to summarise the benefits of the Weber:

  • works 'out of the box'
  • great performance
  • great economy
  • great reliability
  • reduced maintenance & costs
  • no balancing or dashpots to top up!
  • easy to fit
  • good after sales support

Description of Components

Weber Carburettor Kit (WCK)
This comprises a brand new Weber 38DGMS carburettor, optimised/modified to suit the Triumph Stag, plus the all-important Manifold Adapter, and all the hoses, gaskets, linkages, nuts and bolts etc necessary to fit the carburettor to the car.  This will run, but does not include an air filter.

CoolAir Filter (CAF); As pictured (colour and top nut may vary), powder coat finish, this is the ultimate, unique low-profile air filter for your stag engine; the intake of cooler air allows the engine to develop more power. 

Ramflo Air Cleaner Kit (RAM)
This alternative to the AAF adds a smart, compact chrome mesh filter which takes up less space and also fits under the standard bonnet (hood).*

American Air Filter Kit (AAF)
This adds a large American 14x3 inch chrome air cleaner plus fiittings to the Weber.  Fits well under the bonnet* and looks very impressive, as if you had a big American V8 engine!  NOTE: Not normally stocked but available on special order; please call or email for details.

​23/11/21 currently 2-3 weeks delivery

Price: £440.00