Stag Gauges - FAQ

A common question when running a stag relates to gauge readings. For example, 'my temperature gauge reads high but my car doesnt seem to be overheating'.  Another is 'my oil pressure reading on my gauge seems too low'.

In answer to many of these questions we would point out that  gauges of this period are crude devices whose accuracy cannot be relied upon unless they have recently been calibrated.  Before taking any action it is advisable to check the gauges by any suitable means, e.g substitution with a more accurate and reliable gauge or instrument.   

Temperature: try an infra red gun, or a temperature probe from a multitmeter. 

Oil pressure: connect a better quality gauge for comparison. NB: pressure varies with engine temperature, engine revs, and oil viscosity.

Voltage: compare readings with a Digital Voltmeter.

Fuel: check gauge readings with tank empty, then full.

Tachometer; compare readings at 1000rpm and 5000rpm with another type of tachometer, preferably digital.

Speedometer; borrow a GPS device like a satnav for comparison at 20mph then 70 mph.