LED Lighting

Well, LED car lights have really come of age now, and we believe they can bring about real benefits when fitted to the Stag.  The Mk1 especially has poor lighting of the dash gauges and LEDs can improve this easily.

LEDs have become standard fitment on most modern cars.  Here are a few facts and FAQs about LEDs in relation to cars/Stags

1. They consume much less power than conventional filament lamps (Fls).

2. They dont burn out like FLs, and last almost forever.

3. They can emit much more light than an FL.

4. They generate less heat.

5. Prices have come down but are still above that of FLs.

6. They only work on one polarity.

7. They are simple to fit, just like the original bulbs.

8. Multi chip LEDs can match the 'all-round light radiation pattern of FLs.

If you think you would be interested in fitting LEDs to your Stag please register your interest with us and we will get back to you with more information. Be one of the first to fit them and see the benefits!