CAD Systems

I have given myself a short break this month to indulge myself in polishing up my engineering skills and adding to the stagweber design capability.

The manufacturing company I use already has a full CAD system, and they usually digitise all my designs for me.  But when designing, it is often beneficial for me to be able to draw to scale any design concept to give a better chance of it working properly first time.  Also I can save us a bit of money if I can generate the DXF files myself.  Having now spent a couple of weeks training up, I can now do basic 2D drawings, so hopefully I will soon be using the sytem in earnest to generate real designs

In addition to the 2D drawing package I have also set up an electronic design CAD package so that I can design and draw electronic circuits. Apart from the fun I have had in doing this, I am actually working on a project on my Sunbeam classic car, where the proposed non-standard gearbox (T5) has no mechanical speedometer drive.  This should also be applicable to other classic and modified car applications. Hopefully I will soon have a speedometer driver box that will pick up electronic pulses from the propshaft, to drive a motor that, when connected to the original mechanical speedo causes it to correctly display the road speed.  I dont believe that such a system is yet manufactured in the UK.