New Year

A happy new year to all stag owners and enthusiasts. 

The CAD systems are now well established in use, and I have drafted designs for several new parts for the stag.  One example is a part for the two chrome levers that hold down the soft top. These levers are now becoming difficult to obtain in good condition, and many have broken base plates.  Since the lever arm itself is usually good for further service, then a new replacement base plate is to be made and fitted. I hope to get these made soon so I can resolve the shortage.

A new side catch for the hood is still on the drawing board, although a prototype has actually been made and seems to be progressing, albeit at a snails pace due to pressure of other work. 

The motor driven speedometer project has gone well though, and the prototype is working and almost ready to fit to my Sunbeam.  This has been a real fun project and I have learnt a lot about programming, and motor speed control systems.  There could be a spin-off into stag electronics, for example, a fully mapped, ignition system, possibly implemented as a wasted spark system if I could find some spare time!  Initially for my own car, but potentially another new product.

Well, thats all for now.