New Products

It has been a very quiet start to the new year, but our friends overseas, especially in Australia have kept us ticking over nicely thanks.  But orders are now picking up for UK sales as people no doubt look forward to the spring and summer days.

Due to some reorganisation at stagweber I am starting to find time to progress some of the ideas I have for new products and parts.  The first batch of hood chrome lever baseplates are now being laser cut, and should be ready very soon.   Hood side catch prototypes are made and being evaluated. I now have the facility to design 'smart' products around an electronic microcontroller (miniature computer). This could lead to products which can automatically monitor and/or control various different functions of the car.  One of the simplest functions would be to monitor all the signals going through the warning light cluster, and also add other functions not already present. For example, when the oil pressure switch detects a low pressure a siren can sound an alarm.  Also the engine temperature can be monitored, and alramed when it exceeds a safe level etc etc. 

A more ambitious project for the microcontroller would be a low cost system to control a high energy ignition system.  This would include mapping of the advance, and variable dwell angle, to drive either the standard coil, or better, a wasted spark coil pack system.  Going beyond that, the microcontroller could be set up as a full EMS (engine management system) for control of ignition and fuel injection.  Only time is the limiting factor in all these ideas.