New Projects and Products for 2017

We have been busy with developing and evaluating new products that we believe will further improve the Stag so that we can protect our investment and enjoy it more. Here is a short summary of what is coming soon:

  1. New Hood Catches – a better life!.

    Many of us will have cursed when the back of the hood jams in the hood well. This is usually caused by the side catches letting go, and we at stagweber now know that this is because the catch design is flawed. The problem is that the catch is actually the wrong way up, and also the springs often pop out, leaving the catch ineffective. Even the slightest distortion of the hood frame will cause the catch to move out of alignment, then either to drop out or jam.

    Our new, improved catches are of an inverted design which work with the geometry of the arc of the striker, and therefore will not drop out. The catch springs are locked in position and so cannot be dislodged, and this also ensures that the catch will retain its hold.

    The new catches have now successfully completed their evaluation phase, and when we have manufactured sufficient stock they will soon be offered for sale on our website.

  2. Engine Watchdog – safety first!
    There is no need for the Stag engine to overheat, but even the best maintained car can suffer a burst hose, or other undetected cooling problem which can rapidly destroy an engine. No one wants to have to constantly watch the gauges, and even if we do we may not catch it in time to avoid a catastrophe.

    So we have now made available an Engine Watchdog device which sounds an audible alarm immediately if the temperature exceeds a safe value. This leaves time for us to stop, and switch off the engine before any consequential damage can occur.

    This has also been successfully evaluated on our own Stag and will very soon be listed on our website.

  3. Big Bore Carburettor – for the boy racers!
    Our popular Weber38 carburettor is a great all round performer, and is the best choice for great torque and economy at an attractive price. For those who want to explore the full performance potential of a bolt-on carburettor, we have been developing the stagweber big-bore carburettor. This unique carburettor is based on the Design of the Weber 44DCNF, but has a compact base which is compatible with the Weber38 fixing centres.

    We have already road tested this on out own Stag and after just a single change of venuri and jets it is performing so well we want to offer it to our customers. Before we do, we want to carry out further test on mixture, and also develop a range of optional fittings to make this a simple bolt-on conversion. As quantities will be very limited, please use the 'Contact Us' form to register your interest, with no commitment, then we can inform you as soon as they are ready for sale.