Big Bore 44 Carburettor

For those who are looking for more power, this BB44 road/race carburettor is the latest, unique upgrade for the Stag engine. Comes complete with a new throttle cable, fitting kit and instructions for easy DIY fitting in a couple of hours. Can be fitted with or without optional air filter.  Ramair foam reusable filter option is normally available from stock (please check). Kit is for manual gearbox; for automatic gearbox please enquire.

NEW: CoolAir filter is now also available to special order. 

The BB44 carburettor is based on the well known Weber 44DCNF carburettor as fitted to quality marques Maserati, Ferrari etc.  The special design of the BB44 base flange allows this to be fitted to the Triumph Stag and together with the 3D designed and printed manifold adapter offers a gas flowed, smooth contour match between manifold and carburettor ports.  The end result is more air is pumped through the engine to produce more power, however, there is no compromise in midband torque which gives superb driveability.  

Brand new and guaranteed to work out of the box with no special tuning; just a simple idle adjustment which can be carried out at home.  As with all carb conversions the simple (passive) breather arrangement provided is all that is normally required.

Price: £539.00