Ignition System

Ignition Distributor


Now with free RED or GREEN rotor arm (no rivet!)

Fully reconditioned UK spec distributor, with integral electronic ignition (points type available only on special order).  See our VIDEO on YouTube.

Also, ignition coil: to be sure your ignition system is completely up to scratch, we can supply a high quality Intermotor ignition coil with your new distributor. 

Price: £195.00
Only select 'none' if old unit sent in advance

Electronic Ignition Module


Upgrade your old twin-points distributor to electronic ignition with this stagweber Electronic Ignition Module.

This neat and compact integral module fits within the distributor, and has only two wires to connect.  Installation is simple, and can be completed in minutes.  Just remove the points and fit the module.

Price: £43.00
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