Cooling System

Header Tank


Here is a header tank designed especially for the stag. This can be easily fitted, and will provide crucial cooling system protection for your stag engine.  This is achieved by some unique and advantageous features:

1. Low level audible warning system.

2. Top inlet and bottom outlet flow purges all air from the system.

3. Tops up coolant automatically by gravity.

4. Coolant flow automatically mixes in antifreeze additive

The header tank featured here is a custom designed, aluminium alloy tank, and being a horizontal design fits neatly into the spare space on the front left side of the Stag engine bay and also holds more reserve coolant above the system level. Note: The tank design has recently been changed - the large hose outlet is moved to the end to make more space for a relocated alternator.

For your convenience, and simplicity please choose the optional fitting kit if required. This will save you time and ensure that your tank is properly installed and connected to the sytem.

To ensure a gas tight seal, we also recommend that you purchase the pressure cap with your tank.   Watch our VIDEO on YouTube

Price: £99.50
For your convenience
You may be able to use your old cap
Mk2 has no pressure cap on the radiator

Engine Fan Cowl


Improve your cooling system with this Fan Cowl.

Unlike cars destined for the export market, unfortunately the UK Stag radiators were not fitted with engine fan cowls or shrouds.  This means that the engine fan only cools about 60% of the radiator.  Fitting of a fan cowl considerably improves cooling system performance because it ensures that cool air is drawn through all areas of the radiator.  See our Fan Cowl Video on YouTube.

Price: £78.00
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