Electrical System

Blade Fuse Box


Upgrade your Stag electrics with this hi-spec fuse box.  See our Blade Fuse Box Video on YouTube.

This new product directly replaces the old fuse box with a modern blade type and will eliminate the unreliability of the old fusing system.  The product is designed for the Stag with the following features:

  • Full 12 way fuse box
  • Comes complete with full set of fuses
  • Uses modern car blade fuses (available everywhere)
  • Fits your original stag fuse box cover (not included)
  • No wiring or other mods
  • Discrete design; looks original with cover on.
  • No maintenance
  • Can use glow fuses too!
  • Instructions supplied, just bolt in, and connect up!


Price: £65.00
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