Electrical System

Blade Fuse Box


Upgrade your Stag electrics with this hi-spec fuse box.  See our Blade Fuse Box Video on YouTube.

This new product directly replaces the old fuse box with a modern blade type and will eliminate the unreliability of the old fusing system.  The product is designed for the Stag with the following features:

  • Full 12 way fuse box
  • Comes complete with full set of fuses
  • Uses modern car blade fuses (available everywhere)
  • Fits your original stag fuse box cover (not included)
  • No wiring or other mods
  • Discrete design; looks original with cover on.
  • No maintenance
  • Can use glow fuses too!
  • Instructions supplied, just bolt in, and connect up!


Price: £65.00

Warning Delay Kit


This electronic circuit module eliminates any intermittent warning signal that you might find annoying. 

For example, the Fuel warning lamp flicker that occurs when the fuel level is low, or the short buzz of a low coolant warning when the car is moving.  When this module is fitted to the wiring circuit, the warning will only come on if there signal is present for more than a few seconds.

No more unwanted flicker or buzz once this module is fitted.

The kit can be fitted in half an hour and contains all parts and instruction needed to fit the circuit to the car.

Price: £19.00
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