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Chris hats off for your fantastic after sales service and customer support. I wish everyone was as dedicated as you. (Adam B, Nov 2018).

I would just like to thank you for the help and advice you have gave me over the years, it was and is much appreciated, your mods i have purchased have made a real difference to the car (Steve)

Just a note of thanks re all of your enhancement parts. I’ve fitted the Header tank with coolant level alarm, Weber carburettor and Cool Air filter, Active breather system and all with no issues and the engine runs way more smoothly than it did with the old Strombergs. I also fitted a Revotech electric fan which tops off the enhancements for a safe and reliable TV8.   No issues re the breather, a slight vacuum at the oil filler cap when idling and you can readily hear the PCV valve operating when increasing/decreasing rpm.   Over all it’s a nice tidy installation, no need to drill any holes or modify any original equipment and the cool air filter looks almost original (to those who don’t know any different) with it’s fitting to the cold air box.   I’d recommend Stag Weber any time.    Thanks, Neville F


Weber 38DGMS Kit

Thanks for the quick reply, have now completed the installation and started the car, can only say WOW, what a difference.
I payed almost the same money last spring for a set of reconditioned Strombergs which still leaked like a sieve. (Mr EM, Sweden, January 2019).

Richard the engineer is not easy to impress , having seen countless car problems but told me your Weber conversion made my car the sweetest running Stag he’d ever had and would recommend his other Stag owners to do the same conversion , so praise indeed !  (Steve L: December 2017)

Hi Chris, I have just taken my Stag out for a test drive after fitting your kit and was amazed at the performance as I floored the accelerator, it went off up the road like a rocket  and sounds so good. Needless to say I am VERY pleased with this Chris highly recommended. Best wishes David B (Sept 2016).
Hi Chris
Hope all is well.? I had a Webber conversion from you back in May for a customer, I must say A1 result totally transformed the car run really sweet, so much that I bought a Stag for myself ....... I would like another kit to fit to it. (Mr T, Cardiff)

HI chris I received the webber kit yesterday and started fitting it and finished today. I went out for a spin and I don’t think the car has went so well in the 7 years that I have owned this one. It idles great and no lag what so ever when you step on the throttle, all in I am very happy with the conversion. Thank you for your help in making my Stag run like it should. No more having to balance the twin carbs. Craig (Aus).


Just installed my weber kit and WOW, the engine loves it!  My fairly newly acquired Stag has become a joy to drive!  The instructions were clear and logical to follow.  Thank you Chris! (Patrick, Australia).

Just fitted my new Weber Carb from Vmad (Chris) well what can I say it's absolutely BRILLIANT, it fired up straight away and ticked over at about 600 RPM, the sound is awsome the pick up is instant much much better than the strombergs. All parts and instructions are fairley easy only had to call Chris a couple of times just to make sure of which way parts needed to go. If anyone has problems like me with your old strombergs get rid and fit Vmads weber kit you can't go wrong, thanks Chris for all your help and advise. Will

My original carb's kept flooding and I was fed up of trying to get them to run smoothly so in the end I fitted the Weber and never looked back starts first time even with no choke, more responsive it's just better no problems. Will 

Car is certainly faster to 60mph, smoother, and more economical than my old Strombergs

Fitted the new Weber today and the car now seems to be running ok again …... the short run it had it seems better than ever . An excellent bit of kit. JOHN

Just been on a 25 mile test run, all seems fine now. Steve

I fitted one of Chris's (V Mad) kits in May and having put some miles under the tyres I thought it might be appropriate to pass an update of how the carb has altered the car's running and performance. Firstly, the kit is very good and is very simple to fit. It took me about an hour to remove the Strombergs and fit the Weber, (manual o/d). The Weber has been faultless as one would hope, and performance is much the same or slightly better than the Strombergs. In gear acceleration times tend to be a little better, especially at low revs/high gears, (almost certainly due to the better gas path, compared to the Strombergs), and the delivery is smooth and pickup immediate. ………… However, against contemporary road test times there is a tendency for the Weber set-up to be better. Bob

Fast delivery, nicely made kit. Great attention to detail, many thanks

Hello Chris, yes the car is fantastic with the new mods! You are a credit to Stag owners.  Keep up the good work.

My Strombergs were pretty well set up, had been reconditioned and gave a good plug colour, but even driving like a complete pussy I could never get more than 24 mpg on a run. Overall 20-21 mpg was about as good as it got. The Weber has returned 23-24 mpg overall using the full rev range when appropriate, and on a run (motorway/dual carriageway) at legal speeds it will return 27-28 mpg. Without really trying. This is the whole raison d'etre in my view and well worth the outlay. A 10-15% improvement in fuel consumption is not to be sniffed at. So, overall I'm very pleased and my thanks to Chris for providing a simple and very effective bolt on solution. It's a great piece of kit. STC

Just fitted mine as well very impressed..... the carb is excellent car never run better   

Had Chance to go on a good road test yesterday and the car has never run better …. thanks again for the parts and the excellent service

first run out with weber kit,10 miles. Starts first touch of the key ,runs even and picks up well, makes the car a better drive but does even out the exhaust note a little. The kit easy to fit. John

I have the Weber and my tired but otherwise standard engine gave 129.8 9(BHP)……..I am perfectly happy with that result as the Weber gives good response, good starting and good economy. John

Just a shot note to confirm how good V Mad’s Weber conversion is. It’s easy to fit and the engine runs very smooth on acceleration and tick over. BCFS

Got Stag out of garage and fitted kit today. Easy and quick, everything fitted well. Started first turn of key. Smoother than the strombergs by a mile. Not been a long run yet, but everything seems great. (Iain C)

PS  Your Weber Conversion Chris,...............Just Superb and does not miss a beat! Bob.

Header Tank Kit

Awesome thanks.Highly recommend Every stag owner should have one of these kits (balwinder494)

I found it to be very nicely made and also one of the most comprehensive kits I have used - everything was included, no need to go and get any hoses, clips or anything at all. Nice simple easy to follow instructions. No need to drill any holes (other than a very small one for a self tapper), so can easily be returned to standard if you ever wish to. It is so nicely made that I left it unpainted. Overall appears that a great deal of thought has gone into the design and execution. best wishes, Giles

I fitted one of these (header tank) to my Stag, best thing I ever done, no electric fan, engine runs spot on temperature even when the outside temperature is boiling, nice easy fit and with a lower water alarm as well, great bit of kit   (Ralph C)

Hello Chris, yes the car is fantastic with the new mods!

You are a credit to Stag owners. Keep up the good work! (Dave A)

Hi, Chris, just fitted the header tank kit, no real problems,....it's superb. Thanks again Terry

genial kit, good communication, ebayer full of solicitude and explicit, thank's (ebay buyer, France!).

well packaged quick delivery thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (ebay buyer)

Just fitted Chris's header tank kit, superb quality, easy to fit with Chris's instructions. I now have peace of mind. Excellent, Terry

V Mad's kit fitted today. Well pleased so far. By the way, the kit included everything I needed, the instructions were good enough not to need to call Chris and it only took a couple of hours to fit.

Replies to "what is your favourite stag purchase" :  "expansion tank and buzzer, peace of mind" ; "Boscreen and Chris's header tank"; "It's not sexy, but it has to be the header tank with buzzer. Lets me get on and enjoy driving. As above - peace of mind."; 

The overall quality and the work that Chris has put into this kit is commendable and in my opinion is good value for money when compared to other offerings. 

As I said before the tank fits well and looks good and the car is running cooler now even in the Australian summer when it gets to 40 plus some days. (Andrew)

Blade Fuse Box

Chris, fuse box arrived today looks very good thanks, Will

Hi Chris, My fuse box arrived today and I must say it looks well made and excellent value for money. 
Many thanks Tony 

Got mine today as well, looks great and comes with instructions (wa-hay!) Tanya

Radiator/Engine Fan Cowl

Hi Chris, Spotted your Stag comments on FB and eventually realised you are the proprietor of Stagweber.

I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer mainly into old motorbikes. Always liked the look of a Stag and really pleased to buy one of these “hidden” gems a few years ago.  My local mechanic says it’s the smoothest V8 he’s ever driven and his favourite customer car to drive.

Fitted one of your header tanks and radiator cowls. The temp gauge now sits consistently lower than it did before. All the rest of the cooling system is standard including the fan. Can’t believe how flawed the old plastic overflow bottle arrangement is. Might go for an external water pump one day.

Anyway many thanks for producing excellent products at an affordable price.    Gary

In the months since I've had my StagWeber radiator cowl fitted, my temperature whilst stationary is noticeably much more stable and therefore I can only deduce that this effect must be due to the improved flow through the radiator core. A quality item and IMO a real bargain, looks the part too

Hi Chris. received cowl assembly, fitted in no time at all, what a great mod and well made, complements the fuse box and header tank, improvements that bring a Stag up to date. Thank you. regards  Niall

It is however a nicely made bit of kit and I'm very pleased with it. (Paul)

The stagweber cowl works well, I would recommend them.

Active Breather System

The adaptor plate for the Webber is excellent, easy to fit and connects simply to the catch tank with the PCV attached. Anyway, after fitting the breather system, which took around 20 mins, the difference is fantastic. The oil leaks have vanished....completely, including the vee. All running really well and I'm delighted with the effect. Thanks very much, as always.

I Love my Weber and Breather Kit!  (Richard G).
Ignition System
Distributor is a work of art. Frank said it should go on mantlepiece not in a stag!