Blade Fuse Box

The original fuse box has served us well for over 40 years, but many are now corroded, and rivets may have come loose.  This deterioration is often the cause of intermittent electrical gremlins which are very difficult to diagnose. High resistance fuse connections create excessive heat, and can reduce available power to electrical loads, for example, the headlights.  At worst these faults can escalate catastrophically without warning, and may then result in electrical failure, a burnt wiring loom or even a fire.  Note: This product is suitable for use with the original type (non-insulated) or part insulated wiring terminals only.  It is not suitable for use with fully insulated (shrouded) spade terminals.  Doublers/extenders (approx x10) included in kit so that 2 wires can be connected to one fuse. 

Upgrade your Stag electrics now with this hi-spec fuse box.

          Made in England UK

    Price: £65.00